• On the use and process of C5 petroleum resin

    [Abstract] In today’s society, with the development of the economy, C5 petroleum resin has become a new star in the petrochemical industry. C5 petroleum resin has gradually developed into a product series with the largest output, the most varieties and the fastest development. The average g...
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  • Hydrogenated carbon nine petroleum resin product performance

    Hydrogenated carbon nine petroleum resin products are tasteless and odorless, have excellent thermal stability, good weather resistance and wide compatibility. It is applied to SBC hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, EVA hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive self adhesive adhesive, PP film modi...
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  • Petroleum resin use

    Petroleum resin has a wide range of uses, and it has good mutual solubility with natural rubber, and can increase viscosity and soften. It is usually used together with other resins, and it can also be used as a modifier. The petroleum resin is a petroleum-derived thermoplastic, highly aromatic h...
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